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You've got it all together in so many areas of your life... Yet everything feels out of balance.


My passion is partnering with my clients to restore balance in their personal lives and businesses; ensuring health and wellness remains at the forefront for optimal performance.

I believe wholeheartedly that change is possible
because I re-designed my own life


I understand firsthand what that takes for an executive to create a life that feels balanced and fulfilling. I never imagined I would actually thrive -- instead of just survive.  Or that my business would be even more successful as a result of making this a priority; to figure it out. 


I am confident that you can do the same. 


Success is possible when you are ready to create change and you partner with someone who has been there and come through it themselves. My proven “tough-love” approach combines compassion, challenge, accountability and support.  I always see the best in you; even when you can’t.


I am a firm believer that when you create the life (or business) you always imagined and you live it authentically there is no need for substances or unhealthy behaviour seeking; you really can be “high” naturally.


I specialize in 
supporting those who are:



...more than a fluff-filled conversation about your goals or digging into the past like you do with a counsellor. 


I don’t need to know anything about your past to see you succeed. I take the time to help you re-discover who you are NOW.


We explore where you are today and where it is you want to go, dream big and uncover what matters to you deep at the core. That deep awareness will allow us to explore what is getting in your way and how you want to modify things so you can move forward.


There is no advice giving. I believe in my heart that you know what is best for you. It is my job as your coach to bring that deep inner wisdom to the surface so you can decide for yourself your next steps.


I am the accountability partner you always needed; who lets you decide what and how you want to be accountable.  One small step at a time your life is re-designed; exactly as you imagined. 

I will tell you what you need to hear. 
Not what you WANT to hear

Discover what your mind, heart and spirit really want    Uncover your core values and the role they play in pursuit of your dreams    Identify the obstacles holding you back from what you want    Tap into your own intuition to experience the wisdom within yourself    Experience a supportive relationship where your dreams are a priority    Create the life you always dreamed about and imagined


Shelly-Anne was on my side, looking out for my best Interest above her own

Shelly-Anne is attentive, committed and responsive to your well being and has a real desire to help you. I always felt that Shelly-Anne was on my side, looking out for my best interest above her own. 


As a result of Shelley-Anne's coaching, I was able better recognize some of my destructive thought patterns/habits, and take time to reflect, in a more positive way, on ways to improve. My journey is ongoing, and personal growth doesn't happen with a coach telling me what to do; I have responsibility for that. But, having someone so supportive in your corner really helps in the process. 

~ E.G. - SK, CANADA ~

Stressed Out / Suffering From Burnout  •   Building or Managing a Business  •  Seeking to Create Balance in All Areas of Life and/or Business •  Seeking to Obtain or Maintain Recovery from Addictions (Drugs, Alcohol, Work)  •  Struggling with Emotional and Compulsive Overeating  •  Personally Recovering From a Major Medical/Health Challenge  •  Seeing a Functional Medicine Practitoner and Seeking Support Between Visits


Powerful Private and Discreet 1:1 Coaching

$475 USD / $600 CAD PER SESSION*

  • Each session is 50 minutes (in person, telephone or zoom)

  • We connect for two (2) sessions/month

  • Unlimited email and text support in-between sessions

  • Session recordings available for download and replay

  • Six month minimum commitment (charged monthly to credit card)


Schedule a complimentary session with me to explore

if we are a fit using the link below.

*For individuals  only

*Corporate rates are  based on organizational requirements

*Group coaching options are  fully customized and will be determined based on group needs


Shelly-Anne helped me Become aware of the obstacles that were interfering in my progress

I had the great fortune of having Shelly-Anne as my coach. She really helped me to achieve the objectives that we had set at the beginning of our coaching relationship and made a very positive difference in my performance.


The great advantage of coaching over other forms of support is that the improvement one gets is incremental and has a result long lasting. Shelly-Anne helped me to raise the awareness about the obstacles that were interfering in my progress (mostly internal obstacles) and to take responsibility for the actions needed to overcome them.


Shelly-Anne is very professional, focused on the job and determined to help. I will work with her again at any time.

~ H.Llinas - Cambodia ~


Hello. I'm


I get what it is like to go through the tough stuff that breaks our hearts, tests our faith, imprisons our thoughts and brings us to our knees.


I built incredible resiliency as a result of the stress and burnout I endured and working towards recovery from the resulting addictions I used to cope.  I grieved the fact that my life would never be the same if I changed.  Deep down though, I knew that I lived these experiences for a reason. I was at my deepest darkest low when my mentor/coach (Adria Trowhill) came into my life. We met swimming in the ocean in Saint Lucia;

a serendipitous moment which changed my life forever. 


Once I experienced the life changing impact of a professional coach I was hooked. I overcame obstacles that seemed insurmountable. I learned about myself on a much deeper level. I saw things from different perspectives and had my thinking challenged in safe and supportive ways. 


I was empowered to create the changes I needed in my life. I grew in ways I never imagined. At times it was challenging as I became clearer about what truly mattered to me and what my life was missing. These insights were a total game changer for me. Through accountability and the support of my coach I have designed a more meaningful and purposeful life which brings me incredible joy and serenity. 


I have come to understand that I went through all of this not only so I could re-design my life in a healthy way, but because it is my mission to compassionately support you to do the same.


is this your serendipitous moment?
you landed on this page instead of the many others.

I believe everything happens for a reason.


I needed a coach to help me sort through
the "clutter" in my mind

Having a coach is the best way to make progress in key areas of your life and business. I was feeling stuck, spread all over, and knew I needed a coach to help me sort through all the "clutter" in my mind. I'm so thankful to have found Shelly-Anne - she is incredible. Her remarkable insights, ability to shift perspective, and help you stay hyper-focused on what really matters is unparalleled. She has the ability to help you dig into what's "really" going on in such a powerful kind way. Through working with Shelly-Anne I have been able to clarify and accomplish key goals (personal and professional) much faster and with greater ease. I would highly recommend working with Shelly-Anne.

~ Samantha Denning - Seattle, WA ~



Member of


Shelly-anne was always there when i needed to talk to someone who understood how i was feeling

The guidance Shelly-Anne showed helped pull me through any and all barriers that I felt stuck in. She had many reasonable challenges for me, that guided me through finding my own success and inner thoughts and pulled out of me what was already there. I found happy success and, more profoundly, inner peace with my life.

She was always there with a text to"boost" me when I needed it, or an hour long call when I felt I really needed to talk to someone who understood how I was feeling. These days, it's almost like people are walking around in a "haze" and are unwilling to face truths about the way one is feeling, truly feeling, and it's as if no one really wants to hear how your really feeling. But Shelly-Anne wants honesty, and is willing to hear the truths - painful, happy or not. Being authentic is truly doing one's self a huge service to nourish the mind body and soul. 

~ Lisa Funk - MB, CANADA ~


Cell 306.501.5820


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