Inspiration, Hope & Healing for Millions of
People around the World
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The Mission:

Impact the lives of viewers around the world creating a ripple effect that ultimately transforms communities across the globe - leaving the world in a better place. 


The Goal:

Uplift millions by providing inspiration, hope, and healing through powerful sharing and brave exploration towards what we really want and need in our lives.  

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Real people. Real stories. Real life.


The Shelly-Anne Show is a North American YouTube series hosted by international Life Coach, Shelly-Anne Mckay; who goes to the depths of the human soul by way of powerful conversations with people in search of inspiration, hope and healing.  


Become inspired as she interviews those who have overcome obstacles and demonstrated an unshakeable will to make it through to the other side; 


Witness real-time healing as she vulnerably works on her own challenges with mental health and wellness experts in search of answers that no one has been able to provide to her before; 


Come along for the ride as she uses her superpower of compassionate curiosity to positively impact the lives of individuals in surprise private sessions; and join her and hundreds of other heart-centered professionals on a mission to positively impact communities around the world at live events. 


These stories of struggle and triumph give testament to our innate sense that life is not about material success and money; it’s about the capacity of our human will to not only survive but thrive.  


Watching even just one episode - will remind you of what you are capable of and inspire you to take action in your own life.

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The Shelly-Anne Show - Will Touch Your Heart and Move Your Soul.


Viewers are united by the common human experience of defeat, perseverance and triumph through the power of sharing. The show is produced magazine style to allow for different features including; 


The intimate stories of real people with extraordinary mindsets who were able to overcome unbelievable adversities through sheer resilience and determination.

Real-time transformation as mental health and wellness experts guide Shelly-Anne through a variety of topics which we all struggle with; in search of long sought-after insights as to what it takes to truly heal emotionally, physically and spiritually.  The end goal - true inner peace.


Private uplifting and healing conversations with individuals who were nominated by friends or family to support them in living a life full of zest and passion; who will be coached by Shelly-Anne live on life changing topics.   


One deep and powerful conversation at a time, you will feel inspired to embark on your own personal growth journey and pursue those dreams of yours to live your best life.  

"Find INSPIRATION and experience HOPE, that will fuel your determination to keep striving, keep dreaming and keep moving towards all that you desire. Discover tools and gain insights that are the keys to unlock your doors on the path to your own HEALING work.  No matter what you’ve experienced in life; you will believe that anything is possible for you."    

Be a Part of the Show 

Want to join us in uplifting millions by providing inspiration, hope and healing to the world?  

Here are some ways you can be part of the movement.

The Leap


Share Your Own Story -- Or The Story of Someone Who Inspires You

We’re calling upon everyday people with exceptional stories to share their message with the world of how they beat the odds, overcame struggles or bravely decided to choose a different life for themselves to experience a more meaningful life. If this is you or if you know someone like this, we’d love to have you as a guest on the show.  Complete the following form and someone from the crew will be in touch.



Demonstrate Your Belief in Our Mission to

Make a Difference in the World

Play a part in making the world a better place by supporting the Show and its mission. Local business support is helpful at each community event; we need items and services ranging from chair rentals, lighting, tents, furniture, decor, AV equipment to the best baked healthy vegan cookies and everything in-between. The Shelly-Anne Show is a self-funded grassroots movement.  If you’d like to make a financial donation or contribution of any kind to support our mission and vision of uplifting millions of lives; we would be grateful for your support.  All donations go directly to local community event productions and supporters are recognized.

All Hands In


Coaches, Therapists, Counselors & Mental Health Professionals

You are a critical part of our mission. If you’d like to be part of the service team that impacts millions of lives we would like to hear from you.  If you provide expertise in a specific area and are interested in demonstrating the power of healing through your work with Shelly-Anne directly, or on the ground when we work in communities across North America, complete the form below and someone from the crew will reach out to you.

Public Park

Community Productions - City to City Tour Across North America 

(Currently on Hold due to Covid Restrictions - Tentatively Rescheduled to Fall 2022)


When the Shelly-Anne Show stops in your community, the vibrantly colorful production motorhome and its outdoor conversation corners are set up amongst the backdrop of mother nature to create a soothing yet energizing experience.  The eye-catching intimate set is hard for the public to miss.  


Our team of heart-centered on-site professionals and experts provide an inviting experience free to the public; with the intention of being in service to the community.  Everyone is welcome; young and old and from every walk of life.  Passersby’s are invited by our team members to join us for a cup of herbal tea, while soft music plays in the background and they relax into inspirational, hopeful and healing conversations. 


Each community experience will close with the Shelly-Anne Show motorhome pulling up to the residence of someone who was secretly nominated by friends and/or family to have a private coaching conversation with the show host inside the motorhome.  (This portion is being done in studio at the current time)


The communities touched by the Shelly-Anne Show (host and the entire crew) will forever be impacted by its valiant mission to change the world by spreading inspiration, hope and healing. 

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Set Design Inspired by Images Above

Shelly-Anne - Your Host for the Show


As an international Life Coach I’ve witnessed transformation in thousands of lives -- and I’ve experienced it for myself first-hand.  


The process of self discovery and recreating my own life is what drives my passion to compassionately touch the lives of others in this world.  I get what it’s like to go through the tough stuff that brings us to our knees, and what it’s like to get to the other side.  To live a life that is more peaceful and filled with zest and vitality. 


If I can do this - so can everyone else.  Our human will to survive in the face of unbelievable heartache and adversity touches my spirit deep down to the core.   


Through deep connection and the vulnerable sharing of our lived experiences; I discovered it is what unites us and creates the backdrop to provide healing at the same time.  


This is why I created The Shelly-Anne Show.  I saw it as an opportunity to connect deeply with others, create space for powerful sharing from the heart and open up the doors for everyone out there who is on the quest to find acceptance or understanding so they can experience JOY in their life.  This show is one of my biggest dreams realized.  


My deepest wish for every viewer is that through each episode you find the inspiration, hope and healing to live your best life and to spread compassion in the lives of others.   





Credentials Include: Professional Certified Coach PCC, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach NBC-HWC, Adapt Certified Functional Health Coach A-CFHC, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach CPCC, Certified Professional Recovery Coach CPRC, Certified Facilitator Addiction Awareness CFAA, SHERECOVERS Coach Designation SRCD, National Certified Food Addiction Coach NCFAC, Business Administration, Developmental Services Worker DSW


Real people. Real stories. Real life.