Level Up - Live!

Real-Time Coaching with a Real Client

All Groups:

  • Assemble via Zoom video conference

  • Occupy a diverse group of experienced coaches at various points in their coaching career

  • Gain access to video replay and download post-topic discussion

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With precise mentoring from Shelly-Anne, and a safe space to practice the art and science of coaching amongst peers, you will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of each of the core competencies and its application to real client scenarios in coaching. 

  • Gain experience and learn how to effectively incorporate the competencies seamlessly into your coaching sessions.

  • Opportunity to coach a real client for a 30-minute complete health and wellness session in the main room and receive mentor feedback post-session.

  • If you prefer, be an observer of these real-time coaching sessions; see various coaching styles and usage of the core competencies demonstrated to enhance your own coaching skill-set.

  • Gain more confidence and perspective around your own coaching abilities.

  • Increase your ability to powerfully serve your clients and meet their desired outcomes in a session.

  • Participate in a post-session discussion around the competencies; facilitated by a highly skilled mentor coach and an ICF and IAPRC reviewer.

  • Keep your coaching skills sharp 

  • Series is 12 x 90 min sessions allowing the client to meet with the group bi-weekly for coaching over a six month period.



Format for Each Session

FREQUENCY: Twice a Month - BiWeekly

DURATION: 90 Minutes Each Session

FORMAT: Large Group – Only 24 Seats Available 

FEE: Monthly subscription @ $99 USD

Includes two sessions each month


May 18th, 2022- October 19th, 2022  (Wednesdays @ 9:00 am Pacific Time) View Exact Dates

Earn 18 CEs with NBHWC / A-CFHC 

*session one - visioning 

*session two - goal setting

*remaining sessions are client's desired choice of focus


Jul 19th, 2022 -Dec 20th, 2022 (Tuesdays @ 1 pm Pacific Time) View Exact Dates 

Earn 18 CEs with NBHWC / A-CFHC 

*session one - visioning 

*session two - goal setting

*remaining sessions are client's desired choice of focus


  • The Mentor Coach/Facilitator will provide a real "client" to receive coaching for 30 min total in the main room on a bi-weekly basis.  This client will return each session for six months ( 12 sessions) for continuity purposes. 

  • We will be coaching each client through a visioning session, goal setting session, and then individual sessions towards the client's vision and goals. 

  • A volunteer coach will be designated to coach one client each week for 30 minutes  (will rotate among those that want to coach each month) 

  • This 30 min coaching is an opportunity to demonstrate the NBHWC and/or ICF core competencies with respect to whichever certification the coach is pursuing.

  • Of primary importance, we are not looking to demonstrate  "perfect coaching" but rather to be with the client fully and dance-in-the moment.  

  • After 30 minutes of live coaching, the session will be brought to an intentional close. 

  • The Mentor Coach will provide up to 15 min of verbal feedback to the volunteer coach which includes; what they could focus on to deepen the coaching conversation going forward as well as what was demonstrated very skillfully. 

  • The remaining time will be used for a facilitated open group discussion on the coaching session with respect to the competencies demonstrated.

  • Clients will sign a waiver allowing their session to be used for professional development purposes.  So if you are having a hard time finding clients to submit for credentialing purposes; you may request that your 30 min coaching session in the main room be utilized for this purpose.  We will provide your 30 minute coaching session for your submission.

  • When you are sent the session recording replay; you will also be invited to complete a quiz that requires a 100% pass to consider your session complete for CE purposes. 

  • Your attendance at this session for this entire duration and/or watching the replay for its entire duration along with the 100% pass score on the quiz is required to obtain CE credit.  



Facilitator & Mentor Coach Credentials: Professional Certified Coach (PCC), National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), Adapt Certified Functional Health Coach (A-CFHC), Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC), Certified Facilitator for Addiction Awareness (CFAA), SHERECOVERS Coach Designation (SRCD), Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Licensed Mindful Eating Program Facilitator Director of Credentialing & Certifications for IAPRC, Mentor Coach and Practical Skills Assessment Reviewer.   

For more visit ICF Mentor Coach Listing,
NBHWC Profile,  or
LinkedIn profile  


*monthly subscription rates indicated are for April 1, 2022 - March 31, 2023

*no refund available for missed sessions; video replay is available for download 

*subscription may be cancelled at any time by clicking on the link  at the bottom in your monthly receipt email 

*active subscription is only option to participate at this time (you self manage your subscription; so you may cancel /reactivate as often as you wish to skip a session)

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